Movie Theater

Daniel Delago created Indie Film Critic after writing movie reviews for consistently for five years. website shut down operations and the time was right to launch his own film review blog.  He doesn’t do it for money, for the fame or for the supermodels.  He loves cinema and simply wants to share his passion with other cinephiles.  Walt Disney once said, “If you build it, they will come.”  Over the years, he has developed a loyal following of readers and strong relationships with major independent film distributors.  When time and resources permit, he enjoys covering a film festival.

Change is sometimes scary but you know what is even scarier?  Allowing fear to stop you from growing and evolving.  Writing and cinema bring him happiness.  Daniel will be focusing on independent, documentary and foreign films.  When he discovers a brilliant work of art, he will share why it lingered with him long after exiting the movie theater.  When he comes across an occasional stinker, he will give details as to why the film did not resonate with him.

Without further ado.  Quiet on the set… roll camera… and Action!